Take the sales back to your store

Improve your shopper understanding.

Retailers have been struggling with shopper information.

However, CPG Brands spend a major budget to understand each category where they compete.

This is why Market leaders understand their shopper's habits.

Improve your shopping understanding and shape what, when and how you sell to them.

Level the battlefield with E-commece.

E-commerce keeps gaining traction mostly because their understand what happens in their site.

They have data for all their visitors and their clicks, tailoring the offers & products based on real events.

Now you can have the same comprehensive information from your shoppers and their behaviour in your physical stores.

Use data to boost your revenue.

Understanding shopper's actions at the shelves empower your team to adjust planogram strategies.

To do that, use visual heatmaps based on shopper actions, discover what spaces are under-performing & dragging your overall revenue.

Feed your BI systems with detailed data up to shopper by shopper activities to find patterns and new business opportunities

Grow your own brand share.

Test in the real environment how your own brand placement, and promotions perform within their category.

Based on the results, make changes to your strategy and analyse the before & after metrics about the shopper's response.

Improve you work and repeat this cycle in days. Now you don't need to wait for months on research to get results.

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