Comprehensive shopper insights for brands

All brand's ecommerce channels have the technology to capture comprehensive and accurate data about buyers actions.

However, understanding their shopper's behavior in physical stores is currently greatly limited to human observation.

Shopperception solves this problem and increases the value of current market research practices by automating the capture of every interaction of every shopper with the products in the shelves being monitored, and all activity in the isles.

Brick and mortar studies, field observations, virtual stores, eye-tracking tools, face recognition tools, and surveys only give incomplete, non-representative, and inaccurate data about a very small sample of shoppers.

Point of sale ticket analysis captures the final outcome for all shoppers, but gives no insight into the decisions that drove such outcome on the path to purchase.

By understanding all shoppers in their path to purchase, shopperception gives objective metrics and actionable insights to empower your commercial strategy in the final mile, the one that matters the most.

Shopperception metrics answer the key questions

Is the new product increasing shopper engagement?

Is the new packaging driving shopper interactions with products?

Where is initial engagement happening at the shelf for the category?

Is the advertising campaign increasing product engagement at the shelf, and driving conversions?

How much time are shoppers spending at a category?

What percentage of total shoppers are brand loyal?

What percentage of total shoppers closely evaluate pricing and labels?

What percentage of total shoppers examine the product being evaluated, but then buy the competitor's product?

Which product in the category gets the most shopper interactions?

How many shoppers from total traffic interact with the category?

Are shopper's companions driving product selection?

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